Summer 2014 Programs and Activities

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  • June 1 • Art as a Spiritual Expression. Presented by Dana 
  • June 8 • Reclaiming the Best of Fatherhood. An exploration of fatherhood and the changing nature of being a father.
  • June 15 • The Tao. Jim Casey, self-described "faitheist," examines contemplative Taoism: its origins in the Tao Te Ching, its basic tenets, and its simple practices. He includes a handout of Chinese terms and ideograms, plus a short bibliography of favorite translations and commentaries.
  • June 22 • Summer Solstice is a fellowship tradition for many seasons. Meet at noon near the Cape Arago picnic shelter. 
  • June 29 • The Nature of Buddhism. Buddha said, “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” By Bill Anderson.
  • July 6 • Independence Weekend Potluck at the Mahaffy Farm. The grill will be hot at noon. Bring a contribution.
  • July 13 • A Celebration of Water Ceremony - Bring a water sample from a recent trip, or your favorite spot locally, or a bit of tap water representing a special place. Coordinated by Robin McCreery.
  • July 20 • Water is an essential natural resource. Are we handling it responsibly? Jean Adamson will present the program.
  • July 27 • Sea Life - Our Neighbors to the West. A Sea Education Association presentation.
  • August 3 • What would you take to Mars? Small group discussions will be held of what we, personally, value. 
  • August 10 • Breakthrough Congregation. The UUA identifies congregations that have made significant strides in becoming successful. Videos will be used to profile several of them and get us on the road to visioning our next 25 years.
  • August 17 • What does “church” mean to you? Small group discussions will be held about how each of us conceives ‘church’. 
  • August 24 • What does it mean to be a UU? Small group discussions will be aimed at revealing what we hold in common and on what we differ in our concept of being a UU.
  • August 31 • Labor Day potluck. The celebration of Labor Day will be held at the home of Georgia and Jim Martin, starting at 12 noon.
  • Visit our calendar for up-to-date information

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